We're Changing the Cybersecurity Business.

PrivacySafe builds endpoint security you can trust, giving you the keys to your data. Malware protection, password vault, network monitoring, and more, with smart appliances at the center.

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Private, Zero-Fee Cryptocoin and Electronic Transactions.

Receive Bitcoin and Monero, process ACH payments, and harness the power of the Lightning Network. All deployed on PrivacySafe appliances you can put in your pocket.

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Stop Your Smart Devices From Owning You.

PrivacySafe appliances act as an IoT Gateway, giving you remote control of your smart devices. With network and Bluetooth monitoring, we increase the security of your physical space.

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Custom Solutions To Fit Your Needs.

We customize for enterprise, including the healthcare, financial, and legal industries. Flexible configurations include smart displays, audio/video broadcasting, and private crowd metrics for events.

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Pre-Order Our Appliances

Pre-order one of our PrivacySafe IoT appliances for secure data storage you can trust.
  • Starter - Development Kit
  • $199 USD
  • Ships February 2020
  • DIY Kit, Beta Software
  • BeagleBone AI Board
  • 32GB SDHC, Upgradable to 64GB
  • SSD Options, Up to 500GB
  • Compatible with Mikroe Click™ Boards
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  • Pro - PrivacySafe Sentinel
  • $599 USD
  • Ships July 2020
  • Production Software
  • BeagleBone AI Board
  • USB 3.0 Expansion Board
  • Two 250GB SSDs, Upgradable to 4TB
  • Sleek Case with RAID Enclosure
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Enterprise clients should request a quote. We will deploy a fresh new cloud YOU control, enhance your endpoint security, improve your operational security, and install monitoring solutions.
Luis Falcón

“Libre, secure and affordable. PrivacySafe will be a key GNU Health partner in our quest for privacy in healthcare.”

– Luis Falcón | Creator of GNU Health, Physician

Cory Doctorow

“They say that 'there is no cloud, only other peoples' computers,' but it turns out that you can have both: a cloud that YOU own. Technological self-determination won't necessarily deliver a high-tech utopia, but its absence is dystopian as hell.”

– Cory Doctorow | Author, Journalist, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Tiffany C. Li

“With the rapid advances of today’s connected technologies, data privacy and security are now more critical than ever. PrivacySafe is a great solution to protect yourself and your data from unwanted intrusion.”

– Tiffany C. Li | Wikimedia/Yale Law School Initiative

Nathan Freitas

“Secure access to and physical control of media storage is a crucial need for the human rights activists and organizations we work with. A turn-key product that enables this means... truly private data storage.”

– Nathan Freitas | Founder & Director of Guardian Project, Tor Project

Douglas A. Levin

“Virtually every day we are finding ourselves pummeled with reports of innovative technology products being caught out flagrantly abusing the privacy and trust of their users... Open Source software and hardware initiatives like PrivacySafe are the future we need.”

– Douglas A. Levin | EdTech Strategies, K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center

Scott J. Shapiro

“When the gangster Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he famously replied: 'Because that’s where the money is.' Hackers would give the same answer for why they breach computers... I can't think of a more trustworthy and reliable solution than PrivacySafe.”

– Scott J. Shapiro | Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at Yale Law School

Laurin Weissinger

“We have long lacked trustworthy, private, and confidential storage solutions that are simple but still come with a backup in the cloud should anything go wrong with our physical copy. PrivacySafe attempts to solve this challenge by providing storage that is local but has a zero-knowledge cloud backup.”

– Laurin Weissinger | CISSP, ICANN, Lecturer and Cyber Fellow at Yale Law School

PrivacySync Service Add-On

PrivacySync gives customers the speed and convenience of syncing to our data centers in a fully-encrypted format.
Enterprise clients should request a quote. We can integrate PrivacySync / 3NWeb services as part of our deployment.
PrivacySync is powered by the 3NWeb protocols, which implement the Principle of Least Authority. This add-on service gives customers the speed and convenience of traditional cloud services, without the spying and fear of data breaches. Your data is encrypted locally, on your devices, and is synced to the 3NWeb data centers in a fully-encrypted format that cannot be read by us or any third party.

Order PrivacySync now and start syncing with your laptop or PC in December 2019, ahead of the shipping of our PrivacySafe hardware. When you receive your PrivacySafe appliance(s), you will be able to sync the data from the 3NWeb data centers to your new hardware storage.
We're building disruptive security products.
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PrivacySafe featured on Security Weekly news.
October 01, 2019
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Sean O'Brien featured in "Spy vs. (Counter) Spy" radio segment.
October 10, 2019
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Sean O'Brien offers tips as a "Hacker Hotdog" on the SwitchedToLinux stream.
October 31, 2019
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"PrivacySafe: The Anti-Cloud Appliance" on BoingBoing.net
September 10, 2019

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We ❤️ FOSS
PrivacySafe is powered by Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) and built on Open Source Hardware (OSHW). This transparency is a fundamental component of system security, enabling us to truly understand and audit our digital supply chain.
🔒 Privacy By Design
Our system architecture empowers our team to implement Privacy By Design, using excellent software such as Tor and rock-solid encryption.
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Sean O'Brien

Founder and CEO

Jonathan Oronzo


Teresa Hill

Project Manager

Robert Allen

Director of Sales

Wesley Wright

Product Designer

Sri Ramkrishna

Community Liaison

Mikalai Birukou

Principal, 3NSoft

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