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PrivacySafe builds IoT data storage you can trust. Your device lives in your home or office, giving you the keys to your data. Malware protection, password vault, payment processing, and more. Order now for early bird prices and discounts on our partners' products.

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Building The Future
The PrivacySafe team is hard at work designing the first iteration of our product. Our Development Kit will ship in February 2020 and our full product releases, PrivacySafe Vision and PrivacySafe Sentinel, will ship in July 2020.

We're building disruptive products with care and attention to detail, and will update our pre-order customers regularly about our progress.

Why PrivacySafe Matters

Dream Team
PrivacySafe is assembling a team of industry experts with the talent and drive to alter the IoT security field and cloud storage industry.
Founder & CEO

Sean O'Brien Founder & CEO

Sean is a lecturer in cybersecurity at Yale Law School and leads Yale Privacy Lab as a respected voice in global debates about privacy, security, and digital rights.

Jonathan Oronzo COO

Jonathan's background is in law, accounting, and regulatory compliance. He is lead researcher with Yale Privacy Lab, focusing on mobile trackers and cybersecurity.

Teresa Hill Solutions

Teresa is a veteran project manager with over 20 years experience in digital preservation, legal compliance, and risk management.

Mikalai Birukou Network

Mikalai is Founder and CEO of 3NSoft, Inc. and leads development of the 3NWeb protocol that powers PrivacySync services.
OS Engineer

Thomas James OS Engineer

Thomas is a developer of Free Software, advocate of the Open Source model, architect of GNU/Linux operating systems.

Robert Allen Sales

For 15+ years, Robert has helped business owners, CEOs, and sales leaders scale and improve their organizations by effectively building and training highly skilled sales teams.

Wesley Wright Designer

Wes is a designer, planner, fabricator, and 3D modeling specialist focused on architecture, furniture, and product design. He is a senior associate at Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects where he develops architectural concepts and directs the rapid prototyping program.

Sri Ramkrishna Community

Sri has been involved in Free Software for 20+ years as a community liaison and developer advocate. His expertise is in program management and leading marketing and engineering teams.
Our Advisors
We're proud to have the wisdom of Nathan Freitas, Tiffany C. Li, Misha Guttentag, Scott J. Shapiro, Laurin Weissinger, Rebecca Wexler, and Douglas A. Levin as advisors for PrivacySafe.

Our advisors provide critical expertise and vision as we forge ahead. Each person is at the top of their field, with impressive experience and credentials.
Privacy By Design, Secure By Default.
PrivacySafe is powered by Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) and built on Open Source Hardware (OSHW). This transparency is a fundamental component of system security, enabling us to truly understand and audit our digital supply chain.

This architecture empowers our team to implement Privacy By Design, using excellent software such as Tor and rock-solid encryption.

PrivacySync services are powered by the 3NWeb protocols, which implement the Principle of Least Authority. This add-on service gives customers a fast connection and the convenience of traditional cloud services, without the spying and fear of data breaches.