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Get Discounts on our Partners’ Products

We have worked hard to bring our customers the best possible value for their purchases.  If you buy any of our hardware or services, you will get discount codes for:

  • Wire – secure collaboration and audio/video chat.  Our customers get a 30% discount on Wire Pro.

  • IVPN – top-notch VPN service.  Our customers get a 40% discount on annual IVPN plans.

  • Mailfence – privacy-respecting e-mail and calendaring with support for encrypted e-mail.  Our customers get a 20% discount on Mailfence subscriptions.

  • Lulzbot – the premier Libre Software and Open Hardware 3D printer company.  Our customers get 10% off one Lulzbot order.

  • Nitrokey – we’re making sure that Nitrokey’s USB security tokens work well with PrivacySafe hardware.  Our customers get a 10% discount on all Nitrokey products.

  • Mikroe – Mikroe makes amazing Click™ boards that attach to PrivacySafe hardware.  If you’re interested in IoT, smart sensors, and security, this is a great deal.  Our customers get a 20% discount on all Click™ Boards.