We are building private and secure products for healthcare.


PrivacySafe is developing a GNU Health Edition of our appliance, aiming to be the libre and secure platform for GNU Health deployments.

Order now by purchasing the Maker Edition (Development Kit) and letting us know in the order comments that you want the GNU Health Edition.

What is GNU Health?

GNU Health is a full healthcare software suite for practitioners, institutions and governments. It provides the functionality of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), and a Health Information System (HIS).

GNU Health is utilized by a growing international community that brings crucial expertise from the social, biological, medical and computer science fields.

The software suite’s modular design allows it to be deployed in many different scenarios – from small private offices to large public health systems. While running on PrivacySafe appliances, GNU Health has the added strength of portability and increased privacy and cybersecurity.

Privacy Improvements

We want to bundle GNU Health with privacy tech like Tor and the Privacy-By-Design 3NWeb protocols for our PrivacySync service. Specifics will be ironed out as we continue the development of our GNU Health Edition and the core operating system images it is based upon.

The DIY Option

PrivacySafe will release a code repository of installation instructions and scripts, shortly after the presentation at LibrePlanet 2020.  Check back at this page for that info.

Screenshots of our GNU Health Edition are below.

Cloud9 IDE to configure the appliance, available via a Web browser

More options in the Configuration Console, accessible via SSH.

GNU Health Client app connecting to the appliance

Example GNU Health record, running in the GNU Health Client